WORK2TRAIN is dedicated to delivering top talent to our client companies.  We recruit from a unique talent pool that can meet and exceed our clients’ needs. Our recruits come  from a universe of elite athletes that bring excellent academic credentials, strong work ethic and a dedication to success.  Our candidate pool has varied skills, proven leadership and team building experience often coupled with excellent interpersonal and organizational skills and a willingness to learn and succeed. These candidates have learned to problem solve, deal with adversity and commit themselves to success.

WORK2TRAIN works closely with our client companies to understand their culture and mission to ensure that we identify and secure the candidate who will make the greatest impact on their company.
Our mission is to create the best opportunities for both our athletes and our clients.  As former athletes, we recognize the importance of working while training and the challenges associated with the transition to the workforce post competition.  Our goal is to make this a win-win for our clients and our athletes.