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Seeking employers that are looking to add valuable assets to their company while providing an intrinsic value to their local community.

We Introduce corporations to the broad skill set of athletes for the purpose of mentoring these athletes in their prospective field of study while allowing them to grow their careers under your leadership and structure.

We team up with employers in meeting their hiring goals by utilizing our vast candidate network, research, and staffing knowledge. We carefully assess your business and your company’s culture in order to help you make a seamless transition with our athletes. We screen and filter candidates by experience and their ability to adapt to your company culture. We are able to efficiently filter resumes, conduct face to face interviews and perform a thorough review prior to presenting you with a candidate. 

We assist corporations in maintaining a retention rate by communicating the needs of the athletes with the needs of the employer.

We offer a premium service tailored to the style and culture of an organization. Providing assessments on the needs and wants of the Employer and maintaining constant communication with Human Resources and the athletes.

There are a number of tips a company should follow, including putting together a great benefits package. The compensation or benefits package to our athletes means more to them than most employees; for many, it is the difference in competing or not. These benefits could be as simple as unpaid time off to train and compete.

The more creative a business is when putting together a benefits package, the more luck it will have to recruit top talent.