Job Seekers

We strive to help athletes build a long-term career in their field of passion during and more importantly after their sports career. To achieve that, we invest in the training to stay relevant in the marketplace with skills that employees need, and network with other current and retired high-level athletes. Individual needs vary greatly between candidates and your needs are of top priority. 

We take a consultative approach as your partner, in turn, helping you maximize your opportunities and building a long-term relationship/partnership for many years to come. We provide our athletes seeking jobs with information about the current opportunities out there in your area. Often times our clients do not post these positions on job boards/sites, therefore, we are able to fill open positions that are not found online. 

With WORK2TRAIN, you no longer need to put your career on hold to follow your passion.

As your consultant, we realize how important it is for you to hit the ground running. We carefully assess your objectives, needs, and goals by knowing our athletes on a personal level. We are pro-active in our work and we keep in contact with you regardless of the environment. We maintain an extensive network of company contacts with ongoing communication and a broad knowledge in the industry.