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Continuing Eligibility

Athletic Criteria to Maintain Eligibility for the Work2Train Program

  • Monthly updates from the athlete's coach (Coaches will submit an update to the athlete director quarterly) stating that the minimum practices are upheld, and competition schedule is on track
  • Intensive training schedule
  • Competition schedule of:
             2 regional competitions or equal;
             2 Domestic international competitions; and
             1 National competition.
  • Minimum 6 month contract renewable up to 8 years
  • Work schedule of 20 hrs. per week (unless agreed apon by employer), unless there is a scheduled competition or training camp that has been submitted to the Work2Train program director and employer (2 week min. notice) subject to exception for student-atletes.
  • Public Service Works- Listed below (if applicable).
Public Service Works
  • Perform a minimum of 50 hours (1 hour per week) of community service within a 12-month period.  Type of community service to be approved through community service committee.
  • Mentoring possibilities for underprivileged kids.  The athletes could be a stable role model/mentor for kids in their community.
  • Public service is an integral and essential part of the Work2Train program.  Athletes are making a commitment to the community for the duration of their program.