Continuing Eligibility

Athletic Criteria to Maintain Eligibility for the Tier-1 Work2Train Program

  • Work2Train Team Leaders will stay in regular communication with coaches and employee/athletes to monitor their progress.
  • Athletes will maintain a rigorous training schedule
  • Competition schedule consisting of regional, national and international events
  • Minimum 6 month contract renewable up to 8 years (athletes may relocate with-in the WORK2TRAIN program)
  • Work schedule of 20-40 hrs. per week, unless there is a scheduled competition or training camp that has been submitted to the WORK2TRAIN program director and employer (2 week min. notice) subject to exception for student-atletes.
  • Community Service - Listed below (if applicable).
Athletes are encouraged to perform community Service.  WORK2TRAIN will partner with local and national non-profit organizations to create community service opportunities for our athletes.
  • Mentoring possibilities for underserved communities.  The athletes could be a stable role model/mentor for kids in their community.
  • Community service is an integral and essential part of the WORK2TRAIN program.