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  • Provides "Real Life" work experience.
  • Creates an opportunity for growth, not only in athletics, but also in a professional career.
  • Bridges the gap from intercollegiate sports to the Olympic, World and National Teams 
  • Creates a smooth transition from training to working. 
  • Provides employers with employees that have the drive and work ethic to become viable assets in their business. 
  • Enables aspiring athletes to develop a trade that can sustain their economic future.
  • Allows athletes to make a decision to continue competing based upon their hearts  and potential and not with their wallet.
  • Benefits cities by attracting elite athletes to train there. 
  • Benefits urban youths by providing interaction with these dedicated and hardworking elite athletes.  The multi-year duration of training provides an exceptional opportunity to impact the communities in which the athletes live and for the athletes to mentor youths through multiple school years.  
  • Encourages a larger pool of high caliber athletes to continue training in the United States for national and international competitions.  
  • Fosters the growth of amateur competitive athletics within the Unites States.